america’s history of literature began with the swarming in of immigrants with different background and cultures. after that, american literature had been greatly influenced by the european culture for口 a long period. it was not until america’s independ口ence, did americans realized that they need national literature strongly, and american literature bega口n to developed. the civil war was a watershed in the history, after which american literature entered a period of full blooming. romantics, which emphasized individualism and intuition and tnscendentalism represented by emerson came out into being. this was an exciting period in the history of american literature. like the flowe口rs of spring, there were suddenly many different kinds of writing at the same time. th口ey have given depth and strength to american literature, and accelerated the forming of high romantics. but due to the influence of civil war, the american society was in a turbulent situation. the writings about local life, critical realism and unveiling the dark side of the society were increased. after the first world war, americans were at a loss postwar, and the modern american literature began.


my piece of paper is written in chronological order as these periods developed in order to have a clear outline of its progress.






keywords: national literature, romanism, transcendentalism, local co口lo口r, realism, modern literature




摘要: 从殖口民地时期起☆□☆☆□,欧洲殖民者和清教徒翻开了美国文学史的第一页☆☆□□□。WWw.11665.cOM 这往后很长一段时期☆☆☆□,口☆口口☆口 美国文学一直都受到欧洲文化的很大影响□□☆☆☆。一直到美国独立后□□□☆,美国人强烈地感觉口到了民族文学的需要☆□□□☆,美国口的民族文学开始发展☆☆□□☆。 南北战争是美国文学史上口一口个分水岭☆☆□□, 战后美国文学进入口了一个全盛时期□□□☆□,产生了强调个性主义和口直觉的早期浪漫主义☆☆□☆,和以爱默生为代表的口超验主义文学□□☆☆。爱默生的时代是美国前所未有的文学变动时代☆□□☆□,产生了一大批优秀的作家和作品☆□□☆□。 他们突出地给予了当时美国文学以深度口和力量□☆□□☆,也促进了罗曼主义高潮的来临□☆☆□。但是由于战争的影响□☆□☆, 社会动荡不安□□☆☆,这时的作品更注重于揭示社会的阴暗面□□□, 同口时美国的民族文学进一步发展☆☆☆,创作出许多带有本土色彩和批判现实主义的作品□☆□。 一战后□□☆☆☆,口☆口口☆口美国人陷入战后的茫然☆☆☆□☆, 美国口也开始进入了现代文学阶段□☆☆□。


我的论文随着这些时代的发展以时间顺序展开□☆☆,口☆口口☆口 以便对于美国文学史的产生和发展纲要能有一个清晰的条理☆☆□□。






关键词: 民族文学☆□□☆, 浪漫口主口口义☆□□, 超验主义☆□☆□☆, 本土口色彩□☆☆□, 现口实主义☆□☆, 现代文学


























american is a multi-national country. just like a big container, which put in various kinds of elements. dif口ferent口 cultures, that can not only b口e co-existed but also form a sharp contrast, mixed together, it makes american literature st口yle has a flavor of distinct and various aesthetic feeling. many writers come from lower level, which makes am口erican literature has the rich flavor of life and local color. furthermore, many new sty口les of literature in the world are oriented in america since 20th century.


the process of american literature can be divided into following main periods: colony and puritan literature; early national literature; latter national literature and modern literature.


america’s history of literature began with the swarming in of immigrants with different background and cultures. after that, american literature had been greatly influenced by the european culture for a long period. it was not until americ口a’s independence, did americans realize that they need national literature strongly, and american literature began to develop. the civil war was 口a watershed in the history, after which american liter口ature entered a period of full blooming. romantics, which emphasized individualism and intuition☆□□□,and tnscendentalism represented by emerson came out into being. this was an exciting period in the history of american literature. like the flowers of spring, there were suddenly many different kinds of writing at the same time. they have given depth and strength to american literature, and accelerated the forming of口 high romantics. but due to the influence if civil war, the american society was in a turbulent situation. the writings about 口local life, critical realism and unveiling the dark side of the society were increased. after the first world war, americans were at a loss postwar, and the modern american literature began.










1. colonial and early american literature


(1). travelers and explorers


when the european explorers first came to this new continent, the native indians who probably got here from asia about fifteen thousand口 years ago were still in origin, and they even had no written language, “the traditional literature was originally transmitted almost entirely by word o口f mouth, and therefore belongs to the category口 of oral literature,” (wu口 dingbo, 1) as time past, more and more travelers and explorers swarmed in. they wrote a lot of diaries☆□□、lette口rs, and travel accounts to describe the new land as second eden. no wander somebody said that the earliest american literature were the travel acc口ounts written by european adventurers. among the most remained were captain john smith’s true relation of virginia 口(1608), and description of new england (1616).


although most of the indian history was preserved in tales and songs, they had thoughts about life and nature. they loved the口 natural world around them deeply, and they believed that when a pers口on was dead, he would give back what had borrowed whi口le he was alive to na口口ture. this kind of philosophy had influenced later or even modern american writers. it’s interesting that when we look at the li口terature of the口 puritans, the transce口ndentalists, the naturalists, and even the moderns, when we read anne bradstreet, emily dickinson, ste口phe口n crane, and ernest heming口way, we can口 find similar themes.


(2) pilgrim settlements


several years later, another group of settlers also 口arrived in th口e new world. this group was looking for the ja口mestown settlement. however, because of bad navigation, they landed in massachusetts. they were also comi口ng to the new world with dreams of success, but their goal was different from the jamestown settlement. they wanted to start a new world governed by the bible. they were called puritans because they wanted to live a better life by making themselves pure. they first arrived on the mayflower and settled in plymouth. this is the group we are usually thinking about when we talk about the "first a口me口ricans."


the clearest history of their journey to the new world can be found in history of plymouth plantation (1608) written by william bradford, who w口as also one of the mayflow口er passengers. the history of plymouth plantation is a puritan book in the best sense. “it’s loosely annalist口ic, but a direct and simple style gives charm, as a sincere faith in puritanism gives purity, to the entire book.” (w. p. tr口e口nt, 1997)


the puritans had several kinds of literature. by far the most common form is the writing rel口ated to biblical teachings, or sermons, that the church leaders wrote. the puritans believed that they were in the new world because god had brought them there for a special purpose. they thought that by studying the bible they could learn more about this way of life. so they were very strict to their life, and they didn’t allow any kind of entertainment even in literature. tha口口t’s way wu dingbo said in his b口ook “literature of the new england settlement is mainly a literary expression of the puritan idealism” and “the literature of the colonial settlement served either god or colonial expansion or both.” (wu 口dingbo, 4)


another important form of writing from this period is the histories. these books, like br口adfords history of plymouth plantation, are important because they tell us about life at the time of the puritans.


people also wrote many poems. but a lot of works were hidden and lost because people often considered poetry to be an inferior form of writ口ing and not口 totally acceptable to puritan thinking.


one of the most significant poets from this period was anne bradstreet (1612-1672). her poems in tenth muse latel口y sprung up in america (1650) reflected the con concerns of women who came to settle in the colonies, and i口n all her poems, ho口wever, she shows 口her strong belief in god.




2. 18th century—the age of reason


(1) the age of reason


in the 18th century, people believed in man’s own nature and the power of human reason. with franklin as its spokesman, the 18th century america experienced an age of reason.


words had never been so useful and so important in human history. people wrote a lot of political writings. numerous pamphlets and printings were published. these works agitated revolutionary people not only in america but also around the world.


among the most renowned was the work common sense (1776) of thomas paine (1737-1809). it’s the ringing call for the decoration of l口口iberty. he also wrote crisis (1774-1783) and the age of reason (1794-1796), accor口ding to wu, “he t口hought that religio口n should be based on rational, reasonable ground. ” (wu d口ingbo, 12) the pamphlets helped complete the debate that resulted in americas separation from england.


and of course for all the americans, the most important document from this period was a single sheet of paper called the declaration of independence (1776), mainly written by thomas jefferson and benjamin franklin.


benjamin franklin (1706-1790), the most 口dist口inguished perso口n and giant in ame口rican history, he wrote and worked for american independence hardly and had made so many great efforts to america that he has been called "the first american." a world-renowned sci口entist, d口iplomat, philosopher, and writer. he perfected the smooth, c口lear, short sentenc口es of the puritan plain style. his autobiography encourages hard work and emphasizes the impo口rtance of achievement. another work that is well known is口 poor richards almanack, and many of the sentences have b口ecome popular quotations.


during this tim口e writers thought that the truth should be relied on bible, churc口hmen, authorities, or practice and experience.


(2) early national literature


during the period of american revolution war, american national literature came into being. since before the 口war, american people have already had the awareness of national independence, so they wrote many political writin口gs revolutionary poems.


the war helped the first important american prose writers and poets grow up both culturally and artistically. furthermor口e, the independence of nation led to the independence of national liter口ature. from this moment on, american people began to understand of meaning of being a real ”amer口i口c口an“.




3. the flourishing of american literature in 19th century


from the 1820’s to the c口ivil war broke out, american literature e口ntered a period of full blooming. writings all characteriz口ed by a dis口tinct national style and flavor. at the same time, the world as a whole was experiencing a change in ways of thinking: there was a move from classical ideas to romantic ones. this change was taking place in all areas of culture around the world. this was an exciting period in the history of american literature. like the flowers of spring, there were suddenly many different kinds of writing at the same time. all the works have an optimistic spirit. they represented the various and quick development of am口erican national literature.


(1) early romantics


in early 19th century, washington irving (1783-1859), the person born with the new nation, his the sketch book created a new style of american literature—short novel. james fen口imore cooper (1789-1851) his "leather-st口ocking" novels to口ld us a sto口ry about how the 口brave immigrants fight with savage using what they have learnt from nature.


another famous writer of this time was william cullen bryant (1794-1878), he wa口s regarded one of the earliest natura口list poets in american history. his greatest p口oem thanatopsis was published in the north american review in 1817. he app口reciates normal birds and fl口owers, through which appreciated harmonious relationship between human and nature. the romantics emphasized individualism and they thought feelings and emotions were more important than reason and common sense.


(2) the transcendentalism


“the new england transcendentalism was romantic idealism on puritan soil” (wu di口ngbo: 28). it stressed the power of intuition口 placed spirit first, and it took nature as symbolic of spirit or god. there were three main features of transcendentalism were unitarianism, idealistic philosophy, and oriental mysticism.


ralph 口waldo emerson (1803-1882), the leader of amer口ican transcendentalism. “he captained a group of enthusiast and formed a transcendental club with them. he also helped to set up and edited the transcendentalist journal the dial. ” he ha口d written 口many famous essays. among the best are nature and the american scholar, which has b口een called “america’s declaration of intellectual independence”. emerson wrote in the american scholar (1837), a man口 must "learn口 to detect and watch that glea口m of light which flashes across his mind from within." the main key to this in口ner world is the imagination. mans imagination leads to expression. our expression makes each of us a unique human. romanticism became the way of thinking for this generation o口f writers.


henry david thoreau was also one of the writers of transcendentalism, and his famous e口ssay was wal口den, in which he revealed the hidden spiritual possibilities in everyone’s life, and to considerate the pursuit of material things.


(3) high romantics


due to the great effort made by those geniuses such as emerson and thoreau, a wild-ranged national american literature had been laid a solid foundation by the mid-19th century.


there are four important names in american literature to remember from this period: washington irving (1783-1859), walt whitman (1819-1892), james fennimore cooper (1789-1851), and edgar allan poe (1809-49).


irving will long be remembered for his book of essays and stories, the sketch book of geoffrey crayon (1819), which helping this new nation started its first step confidently. cooper and whitman described the character of the nation, which combined the courage and cleverness of expansion, the 口great sense of destination, and the optimistic spirit together. hawthorne and melville expressed the dark side of american dream though their profound and symbolized works.


walt whitman (1819-1892), father of free verse, “he threw aside the traditiona口l ornaments and prettiness of verse, and created his own form” (wu dingbo, 44). his leaves of grass (1855), which contains such well-known poems as i hear america singing, and song of myself, was regarded america’s first genuine epic poem. he rejected regular meter and rhyme in favor of flowing free verse and celebrated patri口otic love, ragg口ed individua口lism, democracy and equality and stressed an almost mystical identification with 口america.


nathaniel hawthorne (1804-1864), due口 to his family background, his works always concerned with sin, morality, romance, and had complex puritanism. his mas口terpiece was the novel the scarlet 口letter, and his the house of seven gables was also well liked. in these works he presented material on the alienation between facts a口nd fancy, by using man口y symbols and setting to reveal the psychology of the character.


herman melville was hawthorne’s good fri口end, also an important novelist. melvilles greatest work, moby dick (1851) was based on melvilles adventures on the whaling ships. it is the deep "tragedies of human t口hought" that show his critical understanding of human nature. today melville is consi口口dered one of americas greatest writers today.


romanism was extremely influenced in a rising america as america had always had a strong spiritual tradition and romanticism was very comfortable with american spiritual heritage and its ideals of democracy and equality. during this period, the american literature was so changeable that has never been before. na口thaniel hawth口orne, herman melville, walt whitman and edgar allan poe, these four great writers had given depth and strength to american literature at that time.




4. local color and realism: a new flavor to american literature


after the civil war, the american society was in a turbulent situation through several economical crises. the writings about critical real口ism and unveiling口 the dark side of the society were increased. th口ey were mai口nly focus on bankrupt in countries, difficult life or struggle of low-position people 口and so on. thus romanism was on口 the wane with passing days, while realism rose and became more and more popular.


(1) local color fiction and mark twain


local color fiction f口irst appeared in the early 19th century, and it had further developing after the civil war. this kind of literatur口e mainly describes the local life. its keynote was optimistic, a口nd the language was narrative and humorous. for example, the work of bret harte口 (1836-1902) told us the life of american western miners. mark twain was the main writer of t口his period. he wrote for nearly 50 years, and he had actually written many different types of stories. nevertheless, twain is remembered most for the adventures of tom sawyer (1876), life on the mississippi (1884) and the adventures of huckleberry finn (1884). the characters he created were humorous and full of wittiness. mark t口wain’s work was regarded the witness of america’s 口pure local li口fe. according to ca口lkins, “few american writers have written the same after口 reading twain, for he has helped change the entire country with his humor and skillful story telling.” (car口roll c.calkin口s, 124).


(2) rise of realism


“realism is the theory of writing in which familiar aspects of contemporary life and everyday scenes represented in a straightforward or matter of fact manner“ (wu dingo, 59). romantic writers focused on the development of plot, make the story as interesting and attractive as possible, while realism writers emphasized the characterization o口f characters, focused on objectivity rather than an idealistic view of human nature and human experience.


william dean howells (1837-1920) insisted that realism was the truthful treatment of m口aterial moral problems of society. and口 in o.henry (1862-1910)’s fic口tions, all his characters were common people and always had an ironical and 口surprised ending.


there was another style of writing developed by henry james (1843-1916), who was a writer focused on the description of psychology and behavior. he wrote some complex and profound novels such as the wings of the dove, the am口bassador, the go口lden bowl, and created psychological realism.


after the mid-19th century, the keynote of romantic literature changed form optimistic to doubtful. the sharp conflict of society force more writers’ attention to the unveiling of dark social fact and self-questioning.


thought the writers of this time unveiled the misfortune and sadness or even degenerate things in actual life, th口ey didn’t just took of the dark side of life as their material, most of them were the reformists with the hope of helping to create a better nation. stephen crane (1871-1900) showed more and more serious problems in big sites in his maggie, a girl口 of the streets, and his most famous book about the american civil war called the red badge of courage. he thought his works liked a mirror reflecting all life, he emphasized the accidental physiological nature of the characters rather than their moral and rational qualities. stephen crane had formed a new style called naturalism, which had influenced many following writers.




5. modern american literature


the first world war not only damaged the people’s li口fe, but also led to a turbulent situation of the american society. people of this time were named “the lost generation ”, and the writers and口 works had a pessimistic and discon口solate feeling.


(1) modern poetry


ezra pound, t.s.eli口ot an口d口 e.e cummings are three poets who opened the way to modern poetr口y.


ezra pound started the “imag口ist” mo口vement, and his the love song of j. alfred prufrock has been called the first masterpiece of modernism. the was口te land of t.s.eliot particularly comments on the inhumanity and decadence of口 large modern cities.


(2) modern novels


many persons regarded that ernest hemingway and other important writers of 20th century had adopted the concise style and naturalism of stephen crane. nevertheless, they still created their own styles and had written so many immortal masterpieces. among the greatest were ernest hemingway (l899-1961) and william faulkner (l897-1962).


erne口st hemingway was once take part in the first would war, so many of his works口 deal w口ith war or injury, and nearly al口l of them examin口ed the nature口 of co口urag, e. by suffering from the violent o口口f war, he felt that he was cut off from all his old beliefs口 and assumptions about life. “he thought the war口 had broken america’s culture and traditions, and separated it from its toots” (elisabeth b. bo口oz: 1982). the works he wrote--the sun also rises, a farewell to arms, for whom the bell t口olls and the old man and the sea—infe口rred the state of mind, and they became the representatives of the feeling of this generation.








american literature has gone though the progress of development over 200 years. it is characterized by the distinct individualism, which is optimistic, free and口 always creative. the living american literature has been providing potent thinking headspring口s for the writers past and nowadays, and it will continue reanimating the talents to bequeath and enrich the tradition of american literature, of which deserve口d to be proud.






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